A New Dawn

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sunriseThere has so much that has happened in to automotive industry since I last regularly posted here. The rapid inflation of gas prices made the SUV persona non grata, increased acceptance of smaller cars by the American consumers, and left the US automotive manufacturers without many credible products to compete. The credit crisis dried up auto sales to a trickle, dealing another blow the US automobile manufacturers. 2 of the Big 3 were forced into bankruptcy. It’s been a very depressing time to be a car enthusiast.

Through this all, I’ve still had my observations. I’ve had my opinions. I’ve had my rants. None of them have made it here. I had it in my mind that I didn’t have the time to do a credible job.

And then, several weeks ago I realized how much time I spend screwing with Facebook. I realized I absolutely have enough time. So I figure in the wreckage that it the automotive industry today, it would be a good time to relaunch. You will hopefully see a steady evolution of this site in the near future, including a new look.

As I’ve chronicled before, this blog has had a number of lives. Even in the last incarnation, I had a series of starts and stops. The nature of what it was to be has changed. Where I had stated with a mixture of personal and automotive, I quickly evolved into almost all automotive, and then back again. With things like Facebook chronicling my life in 1 line posts (and a private online diary I periodically update for myself), it seemed to be largely redundant to include my personal life. My automotive rants, on the other hand, would pollute the Facebook walls of my lovely dear friends. So, Autoerratic will go back to it’s roots… my largely erratic opinions, rants and observations on the one thing I’ve loved throughout my life: the automobile.

“Where did everything go?”, you ask? There was content in some of my old posts that I was very proud of, others that I probably would not have published today. I didn’t want to distract from my new vision, but it also didn’t seem right delete any of the content, or the context in which it was written. So, all the old blog has been archived here.

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